Day with the Dead 2018

-Zombie combat experience 
-How to kill zombies

All this for only £16 per order or £20 on the day

Due to unforeseen circumstances Day with the Dead will be postponed until later in the year. Customers who have purchased tickets will be issued a refund. Any further enquiries please contact us

Sports Connexion, Coventry, CV8 3FL
10AM – 4PM

What to expect with a Day with the Dead

Shoot your way through flesh hungry hordes of bloodthirsty undead!

Get briefed by our military advisors on the best way to stay alive as they issue you with the latest and ultimate zombie killing weapon… A Fully Automatic M4 Assault Rifle!!

Set in our special apocalyptic designed live action shoot em up sure to have your blood pumping and adrenaline maxed out you’ll have to venture forward working as a unit in order to clear the route of these hard to kill hostiles, keep an eye on that body count though as ammo will be limited, or you may not survive to tell the tale!

Polite Notice

Weapons will not be permitted into the venue. Anyone bringing weapons as part of their dress up will be subject to strict security assessments and maybe required to leave them with security prior to entering the venue.

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Customer Entrance Tickets


When you escape the maze to safety, you’ll have photographs with the Team and infected subjects and have the opportunity to purchase some unique scare merchandise.

This ticket allows all 18+ customers entry to the event.

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Trade Space


Individual trade space area from 10am – 4pm

Dimensions are W x L x D


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